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Edition Number 406. Updated Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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Comcare joins world safety at work day


Comcare has joined an international awareness-raising campaign to promote 28 April as the world day for safety and health at work

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Senior Appointments

Who's who and who's moving in the Australian Public Service

News in brief

  • Hundreds wait for redeployment
  • CPSU acts on 'draconian' social media policy
  • National Film and Sound Archive overhaul
  • Doctors join forces in Solomons

Letters: Your Say

  • Age still required in job applications

International News

  • Drive for 2.5 million new surfers
  • Women appointments goal in doubt
  • Call for Integrity Commissioner to be sacked

Talking Point

Royal ruse: Republic is about fashioning our own future

Personal Development

Career paths: Sometimes sideways leads to the top

By Margaret Meloni

Words of power: Language can shift emotions, and performance

By Ben Young

Model training strides beyond PowerPoint

By Deborah Laurel

PS News Features

The French disconnection: Switching off after 6pm

By Tom de Castella

Junking science: Golden goose needs to fattened not starved

By Ben McNeil

Pension pain: Age of entitlement not the point

By Emily Millane

Out of Hours

Travel - Going Cheap - Your Own $1.7b Holiday Airport

By David Ellis

Wine - Cool Idea From Nsw Southern Highlands

By David Ellis


By David Ellis

PS News Books

Writing on the Wall: Social Media - The First 2,000 Years

By Tom Standage

An Anzac's Story

By Roy Kyle

Severed Past

By Anthony R. Jansen