PS News RSS Feed

What is an RSS feed?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a simple way of making information readily and instantly available to the public. With the PS News RSS feed you can receive instant headlines and links to our stories the minute they are published.

How does it work?
The PS News RSS feed is a small, simple XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file that provides summaries and publication information regarding our news content. This can be utilised by various software and devices to give you instant updates of the news the moment it is published. You can use the feed with:
  • Your web browser, such as Internet Explorer
  • A desktop widget (as on the Windows Sidebar)
  • A desktop feed reader or news aggregator
  • An app on your iPhone or mobile device
  • Your email software
You can even utilise the RSS feed to display our latest-breaking stories on your own website!

What do I do?
  • Web browser: The latest versions of most web browsers now automatically detect RSS feeds. Visit PS News and look for the RSS logo RSS at the top of your browser window, then click to view.
  • Desktop Widgets/Gadgets: If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, feeds added via Internet Explorer or Outlook can be added via the Windows Sidebar "Feed Headlines" gadget. There are many other desktop widgets available for other operating systems freely available on the web.
  • Feed Reader: There are many feed readers (or news aggregators) available. Two of the most popular are Feedreader and FeedDemon (free downloads). Simply download and install the software, then copy and paste in your desired feed:
  • On your website: Our RSS feed can be utilised by website administrators to display our news updates directly on your own website (for example in a small, self-contained window). One easy way to do this is via the Google AJAX Feed API at (as seen below-right). Simply use the Dynamic Feed Control Wizard here and in the "Feeds Expression" box enter the following text to get your desired edition:
    • PS News APS Edition
    • PS News NSW Edition
    • PS News Victorian Edition
    • PS News Queensland Edition
    • PS News SA Edition
    • PS News WA Edition
    You can also display multiple feeds by selecting the 'Vertical Stacked' style and a comma-separated feed expression (e.g. "PS News APS Edition, PS News Victorian Edition, PS News NSW Edition").
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