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Leonard Maltinís 2011 Movie Guide
   By Leonard Maltin (Penguin Books, $24.95, softcover, 1663 pages)

With hundreds of new films being released every year, making an informed decision is not easy. One source of assistance comes from US film critic and historian Leonard Maltin.
   “Discovering a good movie [both old and new] is a joy” for him, so sharing his thoughts and discoveries is an equally pleasant duty.
Leonard Maltinís 2011 Movie Guide
Leonard Maltinís 2011 Movie Guide.
   Maltin says: “Researching movies, both good and bad, is a challenge... and it never seems to get easier in spite of all the resources of the internet”.
   It matters to him that the quality of films is chronicled and reviewed; and it shows in this edition. Of course, there are many films that are dismal failures too – and he says so.
   Included in this thick volume are more than 17,000 capsule reviews and information including date of release, running time and rating, more than 12,000 DVD and 13,000 video listings, an updated index of actors and directors and Leonard’s personal recommendations.
   There’s also old and new theatrical releases, reviews of little known sleepers, foreign films, rarities and classics, a widescreen glossary, mail order and online source for home video and his movie list that favours offbeat films.
   Check out these ‘worthwhile’ movies: Five Minutes of Heaven, Summer Hours, That Evening Sun, In the Loop and City Island. Of course, there’s more!
   Leonard Maltin’s 2011 Movie Guide is indispensable and a reliable source of information for all film buffs – and also for those who are not.
   You may not agree with all the ratings in this comprehensive compilation, but you will be impressed with the variety, find new movies you want to watch and be reminded of your favourites.

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