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Milton Black Horoscopes 2011
   By Milton Black (New Holland, $29.95, softcover, 448 pages)

Australian astrologer and psychic Milton Black is well-known for his uncanny and accurate forecasts, but when he says that “with four solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse, 2011 will be a very interesting year astrologically” it’s hard not to be ensnared.
   These are prophetic words, so if his past predictions are anything to go by – then strap yourselves in for an exciting year.
Milton Black Horoscopes 2011
Milton Black Horoscopes 2011 by
Milton Black.
   Milton Black has brought together all the star signs in his 2011 guide and dishes out detailed forecasts for every month outlining best days, most stressful ones, love and friendship days and even best business days.
   Find out about your compatible star sign, your lucky numbers and how you will fare with relationships, family, luck and money. This fully comprehensive guide also highlights, love and relationships, opportunities, career and even gives advice on health and beauty.
   Why not try some “moon magic” for hair care and beauty tips with moon cycles.   Milton says follow the ‘secret’ method and then the moon cycles will work to your advantage. “Remember, don’t cut; only trim and condition, highlight and colour on these days….”
   This compilation has a plain and simple format and is easy to follow and even cross-reference. Even skeptics will be curious.
   Milton, who is also a broadcaster and entertainer, has been involved in astrology for more than four decades.
 Milton Black Horoscopes 2011 will provide you with the insight you need (maybe some answers too) for this year – whether it’s love, money or career opportunities.  
   Milton rightly says that destiny is in your hands. To succeed you have to show the world who you really are and what you can successfully accomplish.
   Here’s hoping that this Year of the Rabbit will bring some respite after the Year of the Tiger!

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