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Christine Salins
By Christine Salins
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Three in a Bed in the Med
   By Ann Rickard (Radge Publishing, $24.95, softcover, 242 pages)

I have to make a confession before writing about Three in a Bed in the Med, the latest offering from travel writer, Ann Rickard.
   I’ve known Rickard for many years and one of the things I always love about her books is that she writes exactly as she speaks – with bare-it-all honesty, self-deprecating humour and a huge amount of enthusiasm.
Three in a Bed in the Med
Three in a Bed in the Med by Ann Rickard.
   This is her sixth book, following on from Ooh La La! A French Romp, which told the story of the first culinary tour she hosted in France.
   In Three in a Bed in the Med, Rickard and her ever-patient husband Geoffrey go travelling with Amanda Taylor-Ace, the vivacious (and flirtatious) Kiwi with whom the Rickards co-host their annual tour from Amanda’s adopted home in the quaint French village of St Maximin.
   This time, they’re on a reconnaissance visit to Italy, the Greek islands and Burgundy, sussing out whether to add new destinations to their program.
   Amanda is a good-time girl who really knows how to kick up her heels and the trio not surprisingly have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.
   In one particular scene, towards the end of the book, they laughed so hard I felt I was in the bank manager’s office laughing along with them.
   In between, there are some evocative descriptions of places visited, people encountered and food and wine consumed.
   When she mentions a dish of lamb, “pungent with the flavour of melted anchovies … carved at the table and served with a dish of white beans rich with lardons, onions and garlic”, I’m right there with her.
   It’s an enjoyable, light read that rolls along nicely, and Rickard herself would not pretend that it is anything more than that.

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