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By Rama Gaind
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SmartyCat: Tricky Questions, Simple Answers
   By Jeannette Rowe and Louise Park (ABC Books, $5.99 each, softcover, 8 pages)

SmartyCat: Tricky Questions, Simple Answers
Young children are impressionable, inquisitive and have the knack of asking tricky and endless questions about the world around them.
   SmartyCat and his crew are here to lend a helping hand with excellent picture books for children aged between 2 and 5 years, written simply by Louise Park with vivid illustrations by Jeannette Rowe.
   The educational series is fun and engaging, tackling the subjects of - butterflies, thunder, teeth, frogs, nests and
SmartyCat: Tricky Questions, Simple Answers
rainbow - with short and simple answers.
   The six books answer these questions: Where do butterflies and frogs come from? How are rainbows made? What is thunder? Why do birds make nests? How do teeth grow?
   It’s the curious kitten, SmartyCat, who asks and answers those tricky pre-school kids’ questions ably assisted by his clever SmartyPants and all his friends in SmartyTown.
   What’s more, each of the books end with a joke and a fun activity to try out that will keep them busy for a few hours.
   Only the best is good enough for children: the best characters in the best places and the best words in the best stories!

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