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Speechwriting for Government in Australia
   By James Groves (James Groves & Associates, $59.95, softcover, 128 pages)

After 25 years in the Public Service, the last 10 as a speechwriter, James Groves is amply qualified to impart valuable tips on government-related speechwriting.
   This self-published guide provides practical guidance and tips on the craft of speechwriting with particular emphasis on supporting the speaker and engaging with audiences.
   It’s vital to engage the audience at the start and to build interest so they are receptive to the key messages which the audience find credible. What’s more, speeches need to be framed to persuade and influence and should be designed to help the speaker leave a positive and memorable impression. Speeches should also be adjusted to suit specific categories of government speakers.
Speechwriting for Government in Australia
Speechwriting for Government in Australia
by James Groves.
   As James Groves points out, “The central idea underpinning this guide is that a speaking event is an interaction between people - the speaker and the audience physically present. As such, the event is influenced by the emotions and attitudes of the people involved, as well the surroundings and the environment in which it occurs”.
   “With this in mind, the most influential speakers recognise they are interacting with the audience rather than simply providing a take-it-or-leave-it presentation. They seek to actively engage the audience, so both audience and speaker have a shared and positive experience.”
   The guidance presented here has been honed through the preparation of more than 1000 speeches for many politicians and agency heads including former Governor-General Michael Jeffery and former Federal Minister for Health Michael Wooldridge and Minister for Ageing Kevin Andrews.
   This authoritative guide, overall, supports speechwriters who are not qualified in areas such as engaging the audience at the start and building interest, adjusting the words and language of government and corporate activity to those that resonate with the audience. It also maintains appropriate accuracy, reflecting the audience’s mood, expectations, knowledge, values and concerns, without diminishing the speaker’s sincerity.

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