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Fast Living Slow Ageing: How to Age Less, Look Great, Live Longer,
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   By Kate Marie & Christopher Thomas (Mileage Media, $34.95, softcover, 369 pages)

The fountain of youth is a myth and ageing is a fact of life that can’t be ignored, but this ground-breaking book provides directions for slow ageing that depend on evidence-based methodology.  
   Action can be taken to embrace ageing as a positive experience and enjoy it in good health. It’s about doing it the right way through lifestyle changes, maintaining healthy functions and preventing disease.
Fast Living Slow Ageing: How to Age Less, Look Great, Live Longer, Get More
Fast Living Slow Ageing: How to Age Less,
Look Great, Live Longer, Get More
by Kate
Marie & Christopher Thomas.
   Diet, physical activity and our environment all have a role to play. There are no ‘quick fixes’ here. The trick is to make choices that actually matter.
   The easy-to-follow “slow ageing” program can help you enjoy better physical fitness, a healthier diet, clearer skin and mental resilience. It delivers practical guidance on everything from exercise to hormones and nutrition to stress management - for the best quality of life.
   Together with Professor Christopher Thomas, Kate Marie’s Fast Living Slow Ageing slices through the hype, to favour what has been proven to slow the ageing process, and promote peak physical and emotional health, leading to a full, vital and longer life.
   Kate Marie sought alternative solutions after she found herself “fat and frumpy” at 40 years of age and developed a successful health and wellness strategy, With renewed vigour she assembled a team of more than 50 leading doctors, scientists, health practitioners and informed consumers to help discover how to age more slowly, live longer, get more out of life – and look good doing it.
   “Ageing is, and should be, positive,” Kate says. “Old age can be productive, built on the back of wisdom and skills accrued over many years. Our life’s journey is a wonderful thing and something to be enjoyed.”
   With fulsome testament from the ACT Women’s Health Service which actively promotes it to patients, Fast Living Slow Ageing allows us to grow old gracefully – and in good health!

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