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The Power of Your Spirit: A Guide to Joyful Living
   By Sonia Choquette (Hay House, $17.95, softcover, 199 pages)

Connecting with our spiritual side is imperative, but this important life-long relationship is often neglected.
  According to Sonia Choquette, who has 35 years experience as a professional intuitive counsellor and spiritual teacher, a connection to Spirit restores your confidence, relieves your anxiety and frees you from the desire to control everything in your life.
The Power of Your Spirit: A Guide to Joyful Living
The Power of Your Spirit: A Guide to
Joyful Living
by Sonia Choquette.
  The Power of Your Spirit offers practical tools to access Spirit to take your experience to the next level. It sets out a profound, deliberate daily routine that lets you not only understand Spirit but more importantly, directly experience it.
  When you genuinely make this connection, you'll realise that it's the most authentic, lasting power you have in your life. You can only experience it through “deep, intentional daily practice of connecting with Spirit”. 
  The importance of a daily regime includes the two practices of – reciting the Lord’s Prayer and thanking your unseen “spiritual guides, ancestors, guardian angels, and all Divine helpers”.
  However, it won’t be easy. There are stages you must pass through on the way to reconnecting with your Spirit: awakening, discovery, surrender and flow.
  Sonia shows you that even though you cannot control the outside world, you can create a sense of purpose within yourself with the power of your Spirit. This will bring you profound contentment and personal peace.  
  An intuitive, guiding wisdom cannot be attained through intellectual pursuits alone. You need meaning and purpose in your life and you must want to be creative, inspired and live fearlessly.   
  Instead of living a joyful life with “genuine creative expression”, it is easy for people to find negative ways to distract themselves and deaden the emptiness they feel.
 The road ahead is not easy. Don’t feel lost, disillusioned and powerless. Use this enlightening book as an “accessible, practical guide to help you return to personal empowerment”.

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