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By Rama Gaind
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Heartland: On the Side of Angels
   By Terri Sedmak (Vivid Publishing, $32.95, softcover, 523 pages)

It was an “on-going appreciation of American history, and an idea that wouldn’t go away” that propelled Australian author Terri Sedmak to write this sweeping historical fiction.
  Wyoming, 1883 is no different to the 21st century: themes in the book apply even today. One of them is the threat posed to democracy and basic rights from two main sources, capitalism and terrorism. 
Heartland: On the Side of Angels
Heartland: On the Side of Angels
by Terri Sedmak.
   Heartland is about “liberty, freedom, how to get it, fight for it, understand it, use it … the abuse of it, and ultimately, its effects and the cost of it”.
  It is the first novel in the Liberty & Property Legends series that takes you on a journey of intrigue, loyalty, love and a fight for freedom.
  You will live and breathe the lives of 20-year-old Kelley Keaton, who finds lots of changes at home after five years in New York. Her brother Mart is behaving mysteriously and she now has an intriguing connection to her childhood nemesis Luke Taylor.
  It’s only after a cold-blooded murder that sensibilities are touched, distrust sets in and the fight for truth unfolds. Along the way, this adventurously brave novel tests  loyalties in the most trying circumstances.
  Being a part of the so-called “Gilded Age”, it’s interesting to note that people in the 1880s were doing what we are doing now - they just did it all without software and hard drives. Technology has changed our world, but not the people to a great extent. 
  Heartland is meaningful, entertaining and high-spirited.
  Terri Sedmak paints a lucid picture in the course of her writing: stories are revealed through the characters who live in a contemporary world – and the readers are there with them.

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