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Studying Film
   By Nathan Abrams, Ian Bell, Jan Udris (Bloomsbury, $55.00, softcover, 386 pages)

This all-embracing reference to cinema and film explores the key terms, concepts and events that have shaped film study and criticism.
   This is examined through an absorbing discussion of classic and contemporary movies from around the world including The Great Train Robbery, Cinema Paradiso and Pulp Fiction.
   This updated user-friendly introduction to the study of film aims to encourage knowledge and enjoyment of a wide range of different types of film, and to give them an awareness of the nature of cinema as a medium, an art form and as a social and economic institution.
Studying Film
Studying Film by Nathan Abrams, Ian
Bell, Jan Udris.
   By tracing its development from 1895 to the present, contemporary film is seen in context by comparing film to other media and exploring film production in numerous countries in a range of styles.
   This second edition includes a substantially expanded chapter on World cinema, featuring more on Japanese, Hong Kong, Bollywood, Nollywood and Latin American cinema. In addition, all statistics on cinema attendance have been updated and more contemporary films are discussed.
   Divided into three main sections, the book covers cinema as institution, film as text and movies and audiences.
   The experienced authors say “rapid changes in production and projection technologies and viewing contexts are now evident, and these are addressed at a number of points in this volume”.
   Studying Film stimulates appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of a wide range of different types of film, provides a critical and informed sense of the contexts in which films are and have been produced, disseminated and consumed, within both mainstream and alternative cinema and elaborates on the critical and technical terms used in film production and practice.
   Above all, it helps to develop a critically informed sense of the history and development of film conventions.

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