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The Chocolate Diet: How To Eat Chocolate & Feel Great About It
   By Dr John Ashton & Dr Lily Stojanovska (HarperCollins, $19.99, softcover, 181 pages)

Eat dark chocolate and lose weight? What a delicious, guilt-free, heavenly thought!
   In fact, that’s the message from respected Australian scientists Dr John Ashton and Dr Lily Stojanovska, who also add that to lose kilos we must cut down on food portions and increase our exercise levels.
The Chocolate Diet: How To Eat Chocolate & Feel Great About It
The Chocolate Diet: How To Eat Chocolate
& Feel Great About It
by Dr John Ashton
& Dr Lily Stojanovska
   The fantastic news for chocoholics is that if we eat dark chocolate, instead of milk chocolate, it can actually assist us in shifting some obstinate kilos.
   The vital ingredient is cocoa - and dark chocolate is full of it. To be accurate, it’s the antioxidant called cocoa polyphenols that is even higher than what you find in wine and tea.
   The milk variety is a no-no because it has a lot less cocoa along with a lot of added milk solids and vegetable oils.
   Studies have highlighted the benefits of cocoa, but the most exhilarating piece of research to surface is that dark chocolate gives us the antioxidants that switch on the fat-burning mechanisms so that we use up this extra energy from the chocolate.
   The two doctors say: “Chocolate is a unique food. There is something delightful and exquisitely pleasurable about the blend of bitter and sweet notes we experience when we taste good quality chocolate.”
   They say that chocolate is not the “baddie” in the “battle of the bulge” and tell you how to incorporate chocolate into your daily life and not feel guilty about it affecting your waistline.
   The Chocolate Diet is simply realistic in its health message with suggestions, backed-up theories and understandable analogies. It’s packed with facts, tips, mouth-watering recipes and a 14-day meal planner with a daily component of the seductive treat.
    Remember, just one or at most, two pieces. Learn to profit from chocolate’s unique health properties and benefit from its satisfying, long-lasting taste sensation!  

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