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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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Ready, Set, Go?
   By Kathy Walker (Penguin, $19.99, softcover, 178 pages)

Opinions differ and controversies surround school readiness, so who better than an educational and parenting expert to set the record straight.
   Starting school for the first time is a significant milestone in any child’s life. Kathy Walker explores the right time and the important factors parents need to consider before sending their child to school.
Ready, Set, Go? by Kathy Walker
Ready, Set, Go? by Kathy Walker.
   With more than 30 years of experience in this field, she points out school readiness is more than simply being able to count to 100 or reciting the alphabet. It involves issues such as emotional maturity and social skills. Each child has his/her own personality, individual needs and strengths.
   The book highlights a number of factors for parents to bear in mind: not all children will be ready at the same time; there isn’t one best school for every child, preparation for school is less about the academic and more about life skills and includes preparation for parents, teachers and children.
   Each state has different age cut-off dates, names - prep to kinder or transition year - starting times. Kathy helps clarify all the uncertainties and investigates the resources available to determine whether your child is ready for school or would benefit from another year of pre-school.
   Once that decision is made, Ready, Set, Go? is an essential tool guide for parents. It helps you answer the most important question about your child’s readiness for school.
   It explains the best ways to select the right school, with advice on helping the child -and the family - to transition into their new school life with realistic and practical   information.
   As the subtitle states, Ready, Set, Go? succinctly defines how to tell if your child’s ready for school and prepare them for the best start.

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