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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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Grow Your Own Medicine: A guide to growing health-giving plants in your own backyard
   By Mim Beim (ABC Books, $27.99, softcover, 288 pages)

Since what we eat can influence our wellbeing, this is a commendable compendium for those who wish to nourish and heal themselves using plants that can be grown at home.
   After all, healthiness is a personal responsibility.
   According to nutritionist and naturopath Mim Beim, if you are seeking more energy, want to prevent and treat illness or injury and encourage a deeper connection to the earth, then Grow Your Own Medicine is for you.
Grow Your Own Medicine by Mim Beim
Grow Your Own Medicine by Mim Beim.
   Gardening is its own form of therapy and the journey is “strewn with delights and frustrations. And growing medicinal plants nourishes the soul and the body”.
   As well, there is a huge awareness of the benefits of organic food and healthy lifestyles.
   This is an expansive, do-it-yourself gardening manual that explores everything from creating your own medicinal garden to growing plants to make cosmetics.
   Beim explores the healing properties of garlic, the weight-loss powers of chilli and discusses 60 plants that are invaluable for preventing disease, treating everyday ailments and promoting good health. It covers everything from echinacea to fight colds and boost the immune system, to cabbage to ward off cancer and arthritis-relieving potato poultices, libido-boosting damiana tea and much more.
   Great care has been taken to detail the healing properties of every food and plant from avocado to a flower known as yarrow. She then proceeds to explain how you grow and make medicines out of them.    
   Miracle foods are described as plenty of greens and things like garlic – which is a great anti-fungal, anti-microbial – it helps improve your immune system and prevent heart disease. Parsley and basil add many micro nutrients … even berries are packed with antioxidants and help to lower our blood sugar levels.
   If your garden is a “reflection of your personality”, then spring is definitely the time to plant your way to good health!

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