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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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The Media, Politics and Public Life
   By Geoffrey Craig (Allen & Unwin, $39.95, softcover, 228 pages)

Skillfully crafted, this new all-encompassing Australian text scrutinises the multi-faceted relationship between news media and politics and their resulting influence on public life.
   Exposure to news media on a daily basis is a vital means of staying connected to    the world around us.
    Focusing on the role of the media in representing politics, Geoffrey Craig argues that the media plays a central role in a functioning democracy.
   He delineates the complicated communications between journalists, politicians, media and government; all of them play a vital role in creating our public culture.
The Media, Politics and Public Life by Geoffrey Craig.
The Media, Politics and Public Life
by Geoffrey Craig.
   The media has always been an integral component of politics and public life and thus is the central focus. Craig not only shows how politicians use the media, but also underlines the restrictions on coverage of politics by the media.
   He even points out that public life is a “mediated phenomenon”. A variety of individuals, institutions, issues, events and discussions of public life are given meaning through media dialogue and representations.
   Craig approaches both politics and public life through a scrutiny of political and public communication and examines different types of media, the practices of reporting and their organisational contexts and the kinds of scrutiny the media provides of politics.
   “The theoretical framework offered here provides a ‘media-centric’ understanding of politics and public life, and this type of perspective is informed by my own background in mass communication research and teaching.”
 Drawing on Australian issues along with US political and media practices and British media and political relations, The Media, Politics and Public Life offers convincing arguments and fresh perspectives.
   The evaluation of modern political communication is fair, while exploring the loss of public trust in the media and politicians.

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