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By Rama Gaind
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Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms
   By Richard Wilkins with Carrie Hutchinson (New Holland, $32.95, hardcover, 254 pages)

“Lights! Camera! Action!” Even the life of Richard Wilkins, Nine Network’s entertainment editor, reads like a movie script.
   Not only has he reported on the lives and behind-the-scenes gossip of the biggest names in the field of music, film and theatre, but Richard has also lived and shared a glamour lifestyle. No doubt, lots of hard work has gone into it as well!
   However, he’s been through the tough times too – and elaborated on them in this warts and all autobiography.
Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms by Richard Wilkins with Carrie Hutchinson
Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms
by Richard Wilkins with Carrie
   From the time he struggled as an 18-year-old to support his wife and son with Down Syndrome in rural New Zealand to hobnobbing with the world’s famous celebrities at the Oscars, Richard’s life makes for an astonishingly moving read.
   Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms is a professional and personal life story that outlines his rise to fame from a 1980s pop star, how he steered the Australian version of MTV through a six-year run on television and the collection of his favourite, most interesting and strangest star encounters that will amaze.
   After 20 years in the reporting spotlight, he felt it was the “perfect time to recall some of the strange, scary, mind-blowing, exciting and often bizarre people I’ve met, along with some of the equally unusual circumstances I’ve found myself in”.
   He weaves his own story into the tales of celebrities, prominence and interviews – meeting the “real deal” Steve Irwin; “what a difference an Oscar makes” for Russell Crowe; describing how the world stood still after learning of Heath Ledger’s death; revealing the three questions he was instructed to ask Michael Jackson; introducing Diana Ross and Tom Jones at Star City the night before delivering Michael Hutchence’s eulogy; waiting for Barbra Streisand; and many, many more.
   Richard’s golden ticket to fame and glory resulted in euphoria when things went   well and bitter disappointment if they didn’t. Fabulous ‘occupation’!

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