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Making Money: the Keys to Financial Success
   By Paul Clitheroe (Portfolio, $35.00, softcover, 504 pages)

Money preoccupies much of our lives, but those with a plan have a better chance at success. Here’s your opportunity to learn how to become more financially successful and secure by being smart with your money.
   Paul Clitheroe, one of Australia’s best-known and respected financial advisers, makes understanding money concepts easy, simple and achievable. He does so with common sense and a dash of humour.
   While this is the ninth edition of Making Money, the central theme is constant.
   “New technology, new tax rates, superannuation tweaks, new laws and products change the details in this book, but not the substance,” Clitheroe points out.
Making Money by Paul Clitheroe
Making Money by Paul Clitheroe.
   Despite the various booms and busts since the first edition in 1995, two of the key chapters, ‘10 Steps to Financial Security’ and ‘10 Keys to Successful Investing’ remain unchanged.
   The least painful way to save money is to be a smart consumer and pay less to institutions for basically the same financial products. We all need to look at smart banking and investing.
   Saving is the key to financial success and there are many new ways to save, some of them are “incredibly interesting”. You need to focus on saving a heap of money by being “tougher with financial institutions and being smart with your money”.
   Start with the basics and review spending, money habits, budgets and so on. Realise that the “most satisfying cut, whether you are in debt or generating surplus income, is paying less for financial products by using modern technology”. Clitheroe then proceeds to give practical, sensible, easy-to-understand examples that include savings on mortgage, home and contents insurance, car loan and insurance, credit cards, life insurance and much more.
   Written in association with Chris Walker, Making Money helps you to “build a plan, put it into action and achieve financial security, independence and wealth”.

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