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By Rama Gaind
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A Year in the Life of Bindi
   By Bindi Irwin and Jess Black (Random House, $19.95, softcover, 95 pages)

Bindi Sue Irwin is only 13 years old and even more remarkable than her ‘Crocodile Hunter’ father Steve Irwin. She fervently carries on his legacy.
   Just like Steve, Bindi is a teacher who realises that one person can make a difference. Not wanting her father’s passion to ever end, she continues to help endangered wildlife.
A Year in the Life of Bindi co-authored by Bindi Irwin and Jess Black.
A Year in the Life of Bindi co-authored
by Bindi Irwin and Jess Black.
   Espousing the same conservationist philosophy as her father and mother, Terri, Bindi has grown up living a very different life, a life that’s full of animals – big and small. In fact, she packs in stacks of action with more than 1,000 animals living in her    backyard – Australia Zoo!
   Having had one of the most extraordinary upbringings of any child in Australia, you’ll be amazed to learn of her achievements in such a short span of time. She loves echidnas, eating mango, enjoys camping, snorkelling, photography and dressing up.
   Discover how committed she is to being a ‘Wildlife Warrior’ and step into her shoes for a year to experience her adventures. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm reaches out from Bindi’s journal and touches the heart.
   Colourful, behind-the-scenes photos tell their own tales. Some of the month-to-month diary entries include her travels around the globe, her ‘Hollywood theme’ birthday, visiting the outback, having a “blast” in Disneyland and a “sensational” day at Universal Studios. You can see the joy she gets from interacting with “supermodel camels”, “gorgeous” Savannah, a baby rhino, and the pleasure of whale watching to enjoy the “gentle giants of the ocean”.
   This child celebrity is multi-talented: she has a Silver Logie, an Emmy for wildlife message, is an author, actress, a television presenter, she sings and writes songs.
   Bindi is an inspiration – as she continues to empower the next generation of young people who will make a difference on our planet.

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