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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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Junior MasterChef Australia: The Cookbook, Volume 1
   By MasterChef (HarperCollins, $29.99, softcover, 191 pages)

The second television series of Junior MasterChef has attracted some controversy, but this cookbook is a bonus for all culinary enthusiasts – young and old.
   With plummeting audience numbers, the reality show has been caught up in a storm that’s not just in a tea cup. There were claims that the reality show was ‘not all its cooked up to be’. Despite the disgruntled few, the producers soldier on, as do the young contestants.
   Said to be “bigger and more delicious than ever before”, the TV show certainly offers something for everyone. The children turn a deft hand to cooking—and it’s not just a girl’s domain any more.
Junior MasterChef Australia: The Cookbook, Volume 1.
Junior MasterChef Australia: The
Cookbook, Volume 1
   Now budding young chefs can turn their focus to Junior MasterChef Australia: The Cookbook and rejoice because it is not patronising. The book recognises that children’s cooking is not all about chocolate crackles, fairy bread and cup cakes.
   It strives to enhance cooking confidence and, at the same time, extends the basic knowledge of junior chefs with simple recipes for the whole family and a few key tips.
    Something kind of wonderful has happened to cooking and there is no ultimate mystery box challenge, faultless pressure tests or even the most exceptional gastronomic concept.
   Food preparation is a whole lot of fun with a menu planner, special notes and concise instructions. This compilation features 90 new recipes for all occasions from edible gifts (especially for those with a sweet tooth!); pool party recipes like mango and lime ice cream, chargrilled summer vegetables, salads; footy night afternoon tea; ultimate chocolate treats; pasta night fun with banana butterscotch dessert pizza, pesto, prosciutto and pumpkin pizza; and many other delectable ideas for Mother’s Day brunch and Father’s day feast.
   Junior MasterChef is a one-stop cookbook that’s bound to prove indispensable!

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