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All Above Board: Great Governance for the Government Sector
   By Julie Garland McLellan (Australian Institute of Company Directors, hardcover, 250 pages)

Corporate governance is a “living, breathing practice” that changes with altering community standards and expectations.
   This expression has only become prominent in the past two decades following the failures and scandals that have enveloped many listed companies in most western economies including Australia.
   This book has been written as a practical guide for people who are serving or aspiring to serve on boards or working in an organisation that has an interface with a government sector board. It is not a basic guide to directorship, but will provide a useful reference for people who are familiar with directorship and governance in the commercial or not-for-profit sectors, so they may effectively transfer their skills to the government sector.
All Above Board by Julie Garland McLellan.
All Above Board by Julie Garland
   Although the book is written from an Australian perspective, it aims to help the reader develop a good relationship with the shareholder and achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives.  
   Julie Garland McLellan says strong public sector boards are vital for the Australian economy.
   Joining a public sector board can be a rewarding and vital part of any director’s career, but “in the past, some have approached it without realising the level of commitment and skill it requires”.
   “Today’s public sector boards are vibrant and varied from a local community organisation to a multi-billion dollar telecommunication network, and can represent a real challenge for even the most experienced director.”
   “Once public sector appointments were seen as inferior to the commercial sector, but that is not the case as Government boards are often just as and challenging with very unique burdens.”
   The second edition of All Above Board, with 46 case studies, is a handy guide to fundamental matters of public sector governance, including how governments work with government boards; ethics and conflicts; key differences between private and public sector boards; and risk management and strategic planning.

The price is $30 for Australian Institute of Company Directors members and $33 for non-members. Visit the Company Directors website to purchase this publication.  

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