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By Rama Gaind
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Staying Sane in the Fast Lane
   By Antony Kidman (Biochemical and General Services, $22.95, softcover, 137 pages)

Stress is one of the great epidemics of the Internet age, but while technology may brighten our lives, North Shore clinical psychologist Antony Kidman says the modern age is making us more vulnerable to “technostress”.
   However, the objective is to take advantage of technology rather than let it overwhelm you.    
   Dr Kidman’s self-help book points out how to manage and survive information overload.
   He raises world issues in the 21st century that impact on our emotional health such as population growth, energy, food and water supplies, global warming and conflict resolution.
Staying Sane in the Fast Lane by Antony Kidman
Staying Sane in the Fast Lane
by Antony Kidman.
   Staying Sane in the Fast Lane says technology can also have a profound effect on family dynamics “pushing family members apart into their own techno-cocoons”.
   “This has not happened suddenly,” Dr Kidman says. “This has taken decades, and the challenge now is to achieve equilibrium between the forces of separateness and togetherness.”
   Dr Kidman says harmonious families must “function as a team” and fairly meet the needs of family members. He warns a new scourge of “techno-addiction” is affecting the mental health of family members.
   He gives tips on tackling anxiety, depression, anger and psychosis connected with the overuse of new technology as we are in an era of “information and communication overload and there’s no end in sight”.
   Based on more than 30 years of clinical experience and research, Dr Kidman describes in succinct, non-technical language the various evidence-based strategies to help people gain control of their emotions and behaviours.
   It is a useful and comprehensive guide to maintaining emotional health, which like physical health, requires perseverance, information, the will to tackle negative thinking and a readiness to be responsible for one’s actions.
 Everyone should strive to ensure that panic, despair, rage and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse–conquest, war, famine and death–do not overpower us.

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