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Sins of the Father:
The untold story behind Schapelle Corby’s ill-fated drug run

   By Eamonn Duff (Allen & Unwin, $35.00, softcover, 416 pages)

The drug trafficking trial of Schapelle Corby captured and divided Australians seven years ago, but a sensational claim in this book has put a different spin on things.
   A three-year probe has uncovered some explosive results into Australia’s most famous drug case.
   Couple an irresponsible father with a dark past, an Adelaide drug trafficker and the Gold Coast beauty school drop-out who has kept quiet and you have the volatile scenario.
Sins of the Father by Eamonn Duff.
Sins of the Father by Eamonn Duff.
   Schapelle is serving a 20-year sentence in the notorious Kerobokan prison after 4.1kg of the drug was found in her boogie board bag at Bali's Denpasar Airport in 2004.
   In Sins of the Father, Eamonn Duff, claims her father Michael Corby was part of a syndicate smuggling hydroponically-grown marijuana from Australia to the Indonesian tourist island.
   It says that Schapelle willingly took the fall for her father. At the time of her arrest, Corby insisted that she knew nothing about the bag of marijuana found in her boogie board bag.
   After three years of investigation, Duff’s book depends a great deal on the testimony of convicted drug smuggler Malcolm McCauley who tells of a standing arrangement to courier drugs to Mick Corby’s Queensland home from South Australia.
   Duff believes that Schapelle grew up around her father who, for three decades, had been surrounded by marijuana. He feels it’s “fair to say that she was aware that her father was entrenched in the marijuana game”.
   Duff believes that it is Schapelle’s affection for her late father that has prevented her revealing the real story.
   Mick Corby died from cancer in 2008, always denying knowledge of the drugs found in his daughter’s belongings.
 As the journey is charted, the “hidden narrative of Australia’s most intriguing drug case unravels from behind the headlines of blatant media spin partly orchestrated by the Corbys” … shedding new light on Schapelle’s long-held claims of innocence.

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