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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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PetRescue’s Amazing Dog Stories
   Edited by Vickie Davy and Saskia Adams (Viking, $29.95, softcover, 290 pages)

These remarkable tales of rescued dogs will touch the heart and the courage of these canines will amaze you.
   Bringing the ‘against all odds’ stories to life, the colourful photos prove that you can’t keep a good dog down for long.
   Every dog has a tale... and the adoptive owners love telling it, just like it is.
Inspiring stories about man’s best friend. Everyone can find a narrative to connect with: there are stories of bravery, friendship and personal struggles that have been overcome.
PetRescue’s Amazing Dog Stories edited by Vickie Davy and Saskia Adams.
PetRescue’s Amazing Dog Stories edited
by Vickie Davy and Saskia Adams.
   These are not any old dogs; all of the canines featured were once abandoned by their owners and left in the local pound. Through the help of PetRescue they were given a second chance at life with a new family and have proven just how special and irreplaceable they are. All the pets in this book have experienced trauma and are “a testament to the canine species, they can endure so much and still have the ability to forgive and love again”.
   It is a sad fact that each year about 250,000 healthy, homeless pets are euthanised in shelters, but PetRescue each year helps find a new family more than 25,000 of these wonderful dogs.
   Amazing Dog Stories is an inspirational collection of 100 narratives from the dog’s new owners, vets and the volunteers, the extraordinary courage and devotion of these dogs who have, luckily, been given a second chance at life.
   Learn how German Shepherd Jasmine saved the life of 10-month-old Bridget in a busy street; Barnaby, Australia’s saddest dog, who conquered severe agoraphobia after being mistreated; Fudge has braved a house fire to save his owner; Dusty’s special bond with his 11-year-old best mate; Sasha, the three-legged assistant ambulance driver; and the tale of a real-life Milo and Otis. There are also stories of doggie heroics, quirky skills and friendships that were just meant to be.
   This uplifting collection shows how relationships with dogs can enrich our lives.

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