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Milton Black’s Horoscopes 2012
   By Milton Black (New Holland, $29.95, softcover, 442 pages)

The start of another new year is fast approaching and one can’t help but be a little curious about what the future holds for us all. Even skeptics will be curious.
   Well-known for his uncanny and accurate forecasts, Australian astrologer and psychic Milton Black says the most significant astrological months for 2012 are March, June, and September and October when Uranus and Pluto will adversely meet creating havoc with national and international politics, weather conditions, seismic activity, inflation and the cost of living.
Milton Black’s Horoscopes 2012 by Milton Black
Milton Black’s Horoscopes 2012
by Milton Black.
   This combined 2012 horoscope has month-by-month predictions for your star sign including what you can expect in the area of relationships, career and work, luck, money, health and nutrition. There’s also some information on numerology.
   Why not try some “moon magic” for hair care and get beauty tips with moon cycles.    
This gives the “best dates of the year to trim, cut, condition and colour your hair, to keep it looking bouncy and bright”.
   Milton asks that you follow the ‘secret’ method and then the moon cycles will work to your advantage. “Remember, don’t cut; only trim and condition, highlight and colour on these days...”
   He has not included the 12 star signs’ compatibility with your sign, but you can view your children’s horoscope trends on his website and “see what makes your child ‘tick’, astrologically speaking”.
 Milton Black Horoscopes 2012 will provide you with the insight you need (maybe some answers too) for next year – whether it’s love, money or career opportunities.    
    Milton rightly says that destiny is in your hands. To succeed you have to show the world who you really are and what you can successfully accomplish.
   We can anticipate a slow but positive economic recovery on a global scale.
   Let’s hope that the Year of the Dragon will bring welcome relief after the Year of the Rabbit!

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