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Answers to everyday questions about relationships: When to stay, when to go, and how to make it work
   By Jo Lamble (Penguin, $19.95, softcover, 167 pages)

Maintaining relationships, whether professional or personal, can be an arduous undertaking: you have to work hard at it.  
   Psychologist Jo Lamble points out that when we struggle with an issue we feel alone, but the ‘truth is that there are people, maybe even those right next door, who are dealing with something similar”.
   Relationships come in many different shapes and sizes, and in this book she takes a closer look at problems faced by couples that are very similar.
Answers to everyday questions about relationships: When to stay, when to go, and how to make it work by Jo Lamble.
Answers to everyday questions about
by Jo Lamble.
   This is a collection of answers to the types of questions she’s asked time and time again. Not all scenarios are covered – only the most common ones.
   According to Australia’s leading relationships expert, most issues can be tackled with the use of a few simple strategies.
   Remember, everyone’s situation is different.
   Try to recall instances when you and your partner have laughed, cried and sighed together at some conversations or in specific circumstances that have ended in a misunderstanding or a conflict.
   This practical guide reveals how to enhance your relationship or terminate it, quashing myths about commitment and it tells you which early warning signs of trouble you should be watching out for.
   Drawing on her work in private practice and experience in magazines and on television, Jo Lamble shows you how to better bad relationships and turn good ones to something that’s great.
   Beware: you have to learn to be more compassionate as a human being within relationships instead of taking the easy way out. Don’t give in and walk out, make every effort to resolve differences. Every problem has a solution.
 As a reference guide, this book is handy for those who like information in small grabs!

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