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The Cardboard Girl: Gives Bullying the Flick
   By Marika Spaseska (Acashic Publishing Bookshop, $19.99, softcover, 124 pages)

Marika Spaseska raises awareness about bullying in schools causing a lot of damage and resulting in heartbreak, but it also ends with an inspirational story about a little girl dealing with harassment.
   Although there are anti-bullying policies in most schools, “figures from research commissioned by the Federal Government, reveal that one in every four children” are being bullied.
   The Cardboard Girl has potential to provide children, teachers and parents with a better understanding of issues and strategies to deal with bullying.
The Cardboard Girl: Gives Bullying the Flick by Marika Spaseska.
The Cardboard Girl: Gives Bullying
the Flick
by Marika Spaseska.
   Not a picture book, the text is aimed at lower-to-upper primary school-aged children between the ages of seven and 12 years.
   It has a clever and effective storyline that ends with the victim becoming a hero, giving a positive, uplifting message.  
   Curly, red-headed Cora is to be admired: she teaches Erin how to stand up to Brooke, the bully. Cora is the one who heals, sings and dances, using her powers to help Erin to deal with the stress that’s a result of bullying.
   Erin touches you as she carries her heart on her sleeve after being bullied that results in hurt, embarrassment, regret and confused thoughts.
   We are reminded that bullies are a problem, but there are often reasons behind their actions: Brooke’s character is delicately etched, with subtle hints of fundamental issues.
   Marika wrote this book following her niece’s experiences with bullying in school. Add to that her knowledge as a social worker for 17 years and you have a book to “assist and empower the many children I worked with and for the many others who are bullied at school”.
   The empathy imprinted through this encouraging story will be inspirational as you learn of the top 10 tips to bully-proof your children. Walk with Cora as she puts things right and discover why bullying is wrong and what you should do to stop it in its tracks!

Available from Acashic Publishing.

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