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By Rama Gaind
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Dr Karl’s Brain Food
   By Karl Kruszelnicki (Pan Macmillan, $32.99, hardcover, 243 pages)

Taking a look at food “through the microscope of Science”, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – the science guru – amazed himself at his findings and you will be astounded too.
   He places food and the food industry under the microscope, shining a light on how our body works, demystifying foodie fads, exposes some unknown facts and places his palate on the line to offer some nutritious entertainment.
Dr Karl’s Brain Food by Karl Kruszelnicki.
Dr Karl’s Brain Food by Karl
   On offer are 243 bright pages packed with splendid, (some) tasteful, colour pictures and diagrams – all for a “delicious blend of finger-lickin’ science, with tasty chunks of brain-boosting goodness”.  
   Dr Kruszelnicki, a medical doctor, is a physicist, engineer and author who has also been named one of Australia’s new National Living Treasures.  
   He answers some viable questions: did you know the diet industry is thriving by selling products that fail over 80 per cent of the time? Or that the big food industry is selling “edible stuff that makes you feel hungrier instead of fuller”.
   Why is it that some people get ice cream headaches? One theory is due to the sudden burst of coldness, which affects blood vessels.
   Find out if vodka has more carbohydrates or calories.
   Dr Karl says the science behind the James Bond-style ‘shaken not stirred’ martini is a joke theory put out in an issue of the British Medical Journal. Really?
   Then there’s his “favourite” story about a woman’s transplant. Called bacteriotherapy, or human probiotic infusion, it has to be read to be believed.
 Withno artificial facts or flavours, Brain Food from the Australian Renaissance man, will make you chuckle, weep and become more astute!

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