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By Rama Gaind
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The Financial Times Essential Guide to Business Writing
   By Ian Atkinson (FT Publishing, $24.95, softcover, 176 pages)

Here’s some advice that you probably never thought about consciously: acquire a powerful business advantage by polishing your writing techniques as many commerce decisions can be made and influenced by the written word.
   Award-winning creative director Ian Atkinson has the inside knowledge on how to write to engage, persuade and sell.
The FT Essential Guide to Business Writing by Ian Atkinson.
The FT Essential Guide to Business
by Ian Atkinson.
   He elaborates, clearly, on how you should become a convincing wordsmith with a message that’s “loud and clear: presentations should not fall flat”. Your concerted effort should be to ensure that proposals “hit the mark, reports get actioned and ideas get fast-tracked”.
   Learn about the credible and persuasive secrets used by the world’s best advertising writers on how to engage your audience and win them over with cleverly thought-out, simply explained arguments.
   Maybe not generally associated with business writing, it’s imperative that you hold the public attention “with powerful story-telling, beguiling personality and effective use of the medium”.
   So, when you want people to realise just how clever and talented you are ensure that your writing is full of complex ideas by using a few long words with the latest terminology and “sprinkle in a little of your creative genius”.
   You will be persuaded and motivated by clear examples showing the dos and don’ts of successful business writing together with proven essential tips to make your text more effective.
   This practical guide shows you how to write for different audiences and in various media with style, structure, psychology and the cunning use of language to your advantage.

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