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How to get anything you want - Just Like That!
   By Janet Poole (Mountain View Publishing, $16.95, softcover, 288 pages)

Self-help ancient wisdom in today’s language sounds very convincing, at least, the way Janet Poole portrays it. Here is a fresh angle on familiar motivational material that will spur you to turn your dreams into reality.
   You alone are responsible for your life and should not lay any blame on others if something goes wrong. Self-pity, is fleeting, and the result of avoiding responsibility.
   Janet places the onus on you to make the decisions and choose what’s good for you.  
How to Get Anything you want - Just Like That! by Janet Poole.
How to Get Anything you want - Just
Like That!
by Janet Poole.
   After more than 20 years of researching life “determined to get to the core of what makes everyone’s life so different, so individual”, Janet emphasises that everyone is entitled to have anything they want.
   “Every human being, including you, is precious, remarkable and worthy of having anything they want. Everything you have in your life comes from your thoughts, so another way of looking at it is that right now you are getting what you are thinking.”
   While the focus of such books hardly varies, the divergence comes through the composition and perspective from which the information is presented. To that end Just Like That! avoids the use of   jargon and clichés and is written in an appealing,   practical tone.  
   One clever feature is the way in which the pages are broken up with beneficial quotes to lighten the subject matter and create a brighter level of interest. Instead of presenting text that resemble instructions, Janet breaks up the monotony by providing case studies in ‘comic sans-like’ font to illustrate her points.
   She not only summarises learning tips and exercises at the end of each chapter, but she applies quantum physics to explain and support some of the concepts she discusses.
      It walks a familiar self-help route covering topics such as learning to love one’s self, positive affirmations, forgiveness and provides an in-depth, practical, street-smart formula to get what you want.

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