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By Rama Gaind
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Max Your Memory: The Complete Visual Programme
   By Dr Pascale Michelon (Dorling Kindersley, $24.95, softcover, 192 pages)

While human memory is a complex, brain-wide process that’s essential to who we are, it is also of great importance so you can store, retain and recall information, images, sounds, objects and experiences.
   Max Your Memory is the first visually-led, memory-improving program to be fully illustrated with info-graphics.
How to Get Anything you want - Just Like That! by Janet Poole.
Max Your Memory by Dr Pascale
   If there is one magic word to open the door to a better memory, it has to be ‘picture’. It’s a fact that pictures are easier to remember than words. The method behind the majority of the memory-enhancing techniques presented in this book is to translate information into striking visual images and register these to enable better recall.
   This is one of the reasons why this book visually leads with fun and engaging illustrations and short chunks of easily digestible text.
   Like anything in life practice makes perfect, and this is especially true when it comes to your memory. With our lives getting busier and degenerative brain diseases becoming an increasing problem, stimulating our memory could not be more important.
   Since learning becomes much easier when it is fun and relevant to us, most of the exercises throughout the book are not abstract, but relate to family and everyday situations.
   Easily comprehensible, the book aims to sharpen memory skills with its brightly-coloured collection of exercises, strategies, tips and techniques.
   Max Your Memory provides more than 200 exercises for a memory boost, using simple yet effective tools. This visual program helps sharpen short- and long-term memory, encourages you to use your imagination and helps you organise your thoughts.
   Scientific knowledge is creatively used to boost and maintain brain functions, with the exercises offering interactivity, which is a major element of the book.

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