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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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Animal Tales 1: The Million Paws Puppy
   By Chris Kunz (Random House, $9.95, softcover, 70 pages)

Animal Tales 2: Ruby’s Misadventure
   By Helen Kelly (Random House, $9.95, softcover, 77 pages)

Animal Tales 3: Double Trouble
   By Helen Kelly (Random House, $9.95, softcover, 83 pages)

Animal Tales 4: An Unexpected Arrival
   By Jess Black (Random House, $9.95, softcover, 76 pages)

All animal lovers, young and old, will enjoy this delightful adventure series— endorsed by the RSPCA—that’s aimed at helping all creatures great and small.
   Perfect for children aged 6-10 years, each book is a complete story featuring a new   escapade with Cassie Bannerman, 9, her inseparable canine companion, Ripper,   friend Ben Stoppard, the son of vet Dr Joe, and their English sheepdog, Florence.
Animal Tales #1-4 is a collection, published by Random House, which has been endorsed by the RSPCA.
Animal Tales #1-4 is a collection, published by Random
House, which has been endorsed by the RSPCA.
   The stories are fictional, but each tale includes factual tips from the RSPCA including how to take care of a new puppy, learning why cage-free eggs are better along with certain other pertinent animal fact files.
   In The Million Paws Puppy, the foursome participate in the welfare organisation’s annual fundraiser and rescue a runaway puppy; Ruby’s Misadventure sees them racing against time to find the cause of a cat’s serious illness; two well-behaved terriers turn mischievous when their elderly owner goes into hospital for an operation in Double Trouble; and a visit to an RSPCA farm results in a surprising discovery in An Unexpected Arrival.  
   The RSPCA, who will receive royalties from every Animal Tales book sold, deserve to be supported since this community-based charity works tirelessly to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

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