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Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems
   By Eric Knight (Black Inc., $29.95, softcover, 228 pages)

Forget about solving the tricky, economic and political problems, this young Australian thinker points out that we sometimes even miss solutions to the simplest dilemmas.             
   Eric Knight says a common mistake is searching for answers in the wrong place. When that happens, we should “reframe” the problem, not put it in the too-hard basket.
   “Reframing is not a linguistic tool, a trick to disguise or evade difficult problems,” he notes. “Rather, it is an intellectual choice we must make. Seeing the answer to our problem requires us to have the right elements of the problem—the right system—in focus.”
Reframe: How to solve the world’s trickiest problems by Eric Knight.
Reframe: How to solve the world’s
trickiest problems
by Eric Knight.
   Obvious answers are not necessarily the best ones. Sometimes by seeing the problems from one angle, you can miss the answers lying just out of view.
   This book is about our trickiest problems and Eric adopts an innovative method to elaborate on how they have answers and why we miss them. He’s mainly interested in political and economic problems. He travels through history, persuading us about the mistakes we made. “We focus on what’s immediately apparent and we miss the bigger picture”.
   Ambitious in choosing the biggest political headaches of the last decade, Knight reframes some of our most intractable political debates, explaining how a change of focus can reveal a solution that was lying just outside your frame of vision.
   His examination incorporates a Wall Street bank deal in the late ‘90s, a US general’s war in the Middle East, immigration, terrorism, global warming, border security, high finance and more.
   Knight brings a new perspective that is both invigorating and valuable.
 Reframe is as much a book about human psychology as it is about politics. It combines education with mentoring, high acumen with common sense and wisdom with extraordinary writing skills that breathe life into mere concepts.

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