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A Charmed Life
   By Sharon Mitchell (Balboa Press, $14.95, softcover, 195 pages)

Everyone reacts differently in the face of adversity and for Canberra resident Sharon Mitchell, it took a near-tragedy to realise that she had traded actual happiness and self-fulfilment for what she was told would make her happy.
A Charmed Life by Sharon Mitchell
A Charmed Life by Sharon Mitchell.
   She says candidly: “You owe it to yourself to build your self-esteem to exactly where it should be for you to live the best life you can live.”
   On her 15th wedding anniversary in 2007, Sharon realised that she was perplexingly unhappy despite having everything she’d ever wanted: money, marriage, healthy twins, a multi-million-dollar business, a big white house on the hill, a BMW by the time she was 30, international travel and three European cars in the driveway.
   Realising she had to immediately make changes after suffering a seizure, she started first by admitting to herself that she was an alcoholic. During the next two years, not only was her road to recovery both physically and emotionally excruciating, but her personal growth was significant.
   Her life changed dramatically with a divorce; learning to fly a plane; buying a pair of red boots; joyful lessons learned in prison; becoming a reality TV star; and starting what has become a landmark cupcake bakery, Jazz Apple Café.
Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell.
   Sharon accepted the fact that alcohol had been a self-medicating way to avoid feelings and a personal awakening where you “develop your own values and truths, teach you to know what is important in your life, and help make you the person that you are meant to be”.
   Each of the 20 chapters of A Charmed Life divulges her special technique to make life more fulfilling and contented.
   ‘The Story of How Red Boots and Cupcakes Can Help You Find Happiness’ is an absorbing life story offering insight and lessons of wisdom reiterating that ‘Today is guaranteed; tomorrow isn’t. Live today to the full’.

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