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Of Pebbles & Grenades: 3 Keys to Self-Mastery
   By Ramon G. Corrales (AuthorHouse, $19.08, softcover, 220pages)

The title may initially be ambiguous, but when it comes to self-development and leadership, this book provides an alternative to the rational approach to life.
   Renowned leadership development expert Ramon G. Corrales points out that our reality is not created by the events (“pebbles thrown into our pond”) in our lives, but our reactions and responses (“ripples”) to them.  
Of Pebbles & Grenades: 3 Keys to Self-Mastery by Ramon G. Corrales
Of Pebbles & Grenades: 3 Keys to Self-
by Ramon G. Corrales.
   Even though there’s nothing new here, when it comes to personal development, it depends on whether you are prepared to hear the advice being dispensed and like the way it is being articulated and presented.
 There’s talk here of self-responsibility, emotional intelligence and maturity—and that’s not about your age—with a view to conquering responses for optimum benefit.
   Corrales expands on three metaphors to aid in better understanding these concepts and includes the pebble-ripple metaphor for self-responsibility, the pebble-grenade-jewel metaphor for emotional intelligence and the three major altitudes reflecting the levels of maturity we experience.
 Anyone can benefit from applying rudimentary, essential sagacity and acumen. It communicates that “the world of power consumes, the world of fairness fails, but the world of purpose saves”.
   Of Pebbles & Grenades aims to create and nurture individuals as leaders in various areas of their lives and we all want to be more productive and lead effectively in relationships, both at work and at home. Learn how to be industrious and valuable to bring out the best in others.
   Corrales rightly says: “we spend much of our time and energy furiously reacting to external events living in a state of anxiety …we hold the key to our own dignity, not the outside world”.
   This is more than just a self-help book: it’s about making changes to your lifestyle and provides an opportunity to grow—should you wish to take it!

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