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By Rama Gaind
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The Art of Fixing Things
   By Lawrence E. Pierce (Createspace, $14.15, softcover, 161 pages)

The Art of Fixing Things is more than a do-it-yourself book. It contains a solemn    message that is universal: “our society cannot continue to throw things away when broken if we ever want to get out of debt”.
   The 150 tips and tricks help to make things last longer, save money and reduce household and national debt.
The Art of Fixing Things by Lawrence E. Pierce.
The Art of Fixing Things by Lawrence
E. Pierce.
   The manual also has many useful tips on home and appliance repairs and car maintenance. Photographs assist in understanding each tip.
   Lawrence Pierce, retired litigation lawyer now living in Canada, has written a valuable hands-on guide that’s based on 55 years of experience at fixing things, as a professional mechanic, home handyman and farmer.
    A justifiable question: “Why spend more money buying a new product when the one you have can be repaired”?
   You just “need to know” the basics.
   “Re-learning the lost art of fixing things will slow the financial drain on your household and give you a sense of accomplishment.”  
   He was nine years old when he fixed a broken wind-up alarm clock. At 65 years of age, Lawrence remains active in repairing things—as every farm has breakdowns.
    Written by the third generation in a self-reliant DIY family, this edition describes the starting point, proper use of tools and the hazards involved in fixing and repairing things.
   Handy hints are noteworthy: using a propane plumber’s torch will loosen rusted hardware and vice grips will grab the head of a worn bolt.
   “Tricks need to be learned in any occupation”, hence, the information in this guidebook should give you the courage to tackle simple and complex repairs.

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