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By Rama Gaind
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The Little Book of Anxiety
   By Kerri Sackville (Ebury Press, $29.95, softcover, 212 pages)

The subject is serious, but many will empathise with Kerri Sackville as we join her on an arduous journey of distressing dilemmas and coming to terms with them.
    Sackville suffers from extreme anxiety … a person who wakes in the morning feeling ill with apprehension, her heart racing with nerves. “Anxiety is a shocker. It robs you of your ability to think, and your ability to enjoy your life…”
The Little Book of Anxiety by Kerri Sackville.
The Little Book of Anxiety by Kerri
   Most of us have experienced anxiety, but Sackville chooses to illustrate what it feels like: telling stories from “my anxious life, anecdotes from years and years of worry and stress and panic and nailbiting and all-round crazy-making”.
   The author, columnist and social media addict admits that she should have no tangible reason for discontent. Instead, there is a “pervasive issue undermining my happiness, and it comes entirely from within me”.
   Sackville appears to be in command, is composed and lucid—all the while grabbing our attention, sucking us into the vortex of her panic attacks.
   These ‘Confessions from a Worried Life’ churn up a myriad of emotions as she heads on a downward spiral with worry. By the use of light wit in her writing style, however, Sackville displays a remarkable grasp of the intellectual techniques that result in her descent to the depths of despair. It’s an inspiring quality: knowing one’s limitations.
   No solutions are being expounded or self-help remedies dished out. Instead, those who struggle with understanding anxiety or feel uneasy will appreciate that they are not alone.  
   Figures from the Bureau of Statistics show that approximately 14% of all adult Australians are affected by an anxiety disorder. More women are affected than men.

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