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By Rama Gaind
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Get Rich Click!
   By Marc Ostrofsky (Simon & Schuster, $19.99, softcover, 239 pages)

There are only seven ways to get rich, but the best method to become wealthy is to be an entrepreneur and work for yourself.
   If you decide to work “smart and hard”, Marc Ostrofsky will show you hundreds of ways to cleverly use the Internet. He doesn’t shy away either from telling you his trade secrets either.
   You should prosper legally, ethically, morally and honestly and in this instance, you also need to be Internet-savvy.    
Get Rich Click! by Marc Ostrofsky.
Get Rich Click! by Marc Ostrofsky.
   Financial success is now within everyone’s reach with the help of some great ideas and tips in this easy-to-follow ultimate guide to making money on the global computer network.
   This is the future of marketing, sales, information and e-commerce that will grow for the next 100 years. Get Rick Click! is a “road map for how to capture it, take advantage of it and monetize it while it’s still the new frontier”.
   The Internet, according to Ostrofsky, is the “most powerful business tool in the history of mankind”. It can help you make and save money, network and communicate easily and quickly, often without the need for start-up capital.
   “Making money on the Internet involves understanding opportunities. If you add in selling, marketing, market dynamics, knowing what you don’t know, understanding people and how they behave, and having the ability to balance your weaknesses and strengths, you have a recipe for success”.
   Opportunity knocked and Ostrofsky seized it to his advantage—and is still cashing in—24/7/365!
   The author and Internet impresario shows ways to profit from Domain names making interesting analogies, the power of social networks, mobile opportunities and so, so much more.
   It opens your eyes to a world of opportunity, in some cases, ones you didn’t know existed.
   Get Rich Click! helps you to learn from the experience of others!

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