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8 Steps to Happiness
   By Dr Anthony M. Grant & Alison Leigh (Victory Books, $14.99, softcover, 166 pages)

It sounds easy, but take heart in the fact that the strategies named in 8 Steps to Happiness are scientifically validated to improve contentment and wellbeing.
   Even though life circumstances and genetics play a momentous role in our happiness levels, we do have it in our power to change how we deal with the cards we’re dealt—an estimated 40% is within an individual’s personal control.
   Dr Anthony Grant and Alison Leigh present results of latest research that show happiness is within our grasp—and how to achieve it.
8 Steps to Happiness by Dr Anthony M. Grant & Alison Leigh.
8 Steps to Happiness by Dr Anthony
M. Grant & Alison Leigh.
   The number of people in the study may have been small, but the results were ‘clearly remarkable’.
   The experts say that a happiness mindset is important. Life is difficult and things do get you down. Don’t feel trapped, learn to bounce back and recover quickly.    
   They conclude that ‘it’s not hard to become happy. But it is hard to stay happy all the time. In fact it’s impossible. Life changes”.  
   “Remember—happiness is a by-product of a well-lived life. Do it! Turn your insights into actions and your actions into habits…”
   These “truly effective” science-based strategies are said to develop the habit of cheerfulness. The ideas and exercises have reaped rewards.
   There’s even a Happy 100 questionnaire designed to help you gauge your levels of joy on an ongoing basis.
   This book is based on the ABC TV series Making Australia Happy that followed eight individuals as they completed an intensive eight-week program using positive psychology interventions.
   This practical handbook has a lot of promise, showing you the best ways to be happy—and it’s within our grasp.
   Whether it’s the “science of happiness” or not, there can never be enough of it!

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