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By Rama Gaind
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Please Change Your Mind
   By Steve White (iUniverse, $18.11, softcover, 188 pages)

The mind is the single most powerful controlling force in our life with the real power being in our thoughts.
   How we think affects the way we react to events, situations, people—everything in life. Learning what and how we think can give us the power to dramatically alter our life.
   With the aid of first-hand experiences, parables, puns and poetry, White illustrates how your thoughts about everything in your daily life affect what you feel and what you do. He validates how these thoughts generate results and studies whether they meet your needs.
Please Change Your Mind by Steve White.
Please Change Your Mind by
Steve White.
   He talks of correcting problem areas by altering attitudes and enabling ourselves to change what we do, even overcome depression by using “change your lens” methods.
   The explanation is simple: the ‘lenses’ are what we’ve made into laws in our mind and they control our emotions and behavior. Until we change the lens we cannot change the law that controls our reactions.
   Founder of several management consulting firms, White has personal experience with the efficacy of what he calls “thought examination” suffering depression 18 years ago and undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy.
   Making no apology for filling the book with his personal thoughts and opinions, White says:
   “The mind is so powerful and our thoughts so influential that none of us feel anything, say anything, or do anything without first thinking something. And if that’s true, then there is nothing more capable of changing your life than changing your mind.”
   “I came to realize that my cognitions, my thoughts, were the epicenter of control in my life. Everything in my life flowed from my thoughts … and if I could learn to control my thoughts, then I could control my life”.
   So, the best remedy is to alter your thoughts ‘Because You Are What You Think’!

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