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By Rama Gaind
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Baby Bowl
   By Kim McCosker (Simon & Schuster, $16.99, softcover, 149 pages)

None of us can ever really be prepared for the reality of motherhood (fatherhood as well!) and the enormous responsibility that accompanies it.
   There’s information overload out there these days, and for the advice of every expert, a few others will tell you why it’s wrong!
   Baby Bowl is the new baby bible. It is a collection of simple, nutritious recipes and wisdom “sourced from loving mothers and grandmothers” and is written to help you “navigate baby’s ‘menus’ amid what is often a blur of late nights and early mornings in a cocoon of love”.
Baby Bowl by Kim McCosker.
Baby Bowl by Kim McCosker.
   Kim, who co-authored the 4 Ingredients series with Rachael Bermingham, guides you through the food preparation basics and storage, the importance of nutrition and home-made food, what foods to try and when, allergies, hygiene, food to avoid or be wary of in the first 12 months, finger food, guide to growth and even defrosting and preparing frozen food.
   Also useful are sections on handy tools, conversion tables, top tips, a menu planner, growth chart and tackling what can sometimes be a nerve-wracking task of getting the food into the baby’s mouth!
   “The recipes are simple, healthy ideas aimed at introducing as many flavours to your baby’s palate as possible … they were developed to include the goodness of each food group along with their five veggies and two fruit a day.”
   The author, businesswoman, housewife, a passionate cook and mother (of three boys) with a degree in international finance has adopted an ingenious way to introduce young children to vegetables: by giving them special names that even rhyme.
   It’s enticing to say Archie Apple, Anton Avocado, Bella Banana, Benny Brocolli, Penny Pumpkin and Pierre Potato —and delectable!
   With this ‘simple gift of good nutritional sense’ your baby too will be healthy and happy.

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