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Smart Trust
   By Stephen M.R. Covey and Greg Link with Rebecca R. Merrill (Simon & Schuster, $29.99, softcover, 296 pages)

‘Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust World’ should be the impetus everyone needs to develop optimal trust relationships—and thrive.
   Smart Trust is the setting of ‘crystal clear expectations with equally clear accountability to those expectations’.
   In fact, the book is timely, relevant and actionable. It outlines practical measures to increase trust, balance risk and possibilities, character and competence.
Smart Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey and Greg Link with Rebecca R. Merrill.
Smart Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey,
Greg Link & Rebecca R. Merrill.
   It shows how to develop optimal trust relationships and why this approach has been successful for so many, including big corporations, across the globe.
   Covey and Link, advisors on trust, sales and leadership, give relevant examples of corporate high-flyers making us realise that the best leaders recognise that trust impacts us 24/7, 365 days a year. To build trust, leaders should first inspire it.
   It “undergirds and affects” the value of every endeavour we are involved in.
   “It changes the quality of every present moment and alters the trajectory and outcome of every future moment of our lives—both personally and professionally.”  
   Learn how to convert the reliance crisis into a great opportunity called a “renaissance of trust”. The 13 behaviours of high trust need to be balanced, with the four cores of credibility being: integrity, intent, capabilities and results.  
   Going hand-in-hand with building trust is understanding, clarifying what the organisation wants and what you can offer them. Then be the one that does it best.
   In the foreword, chairman & CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi places importance on building and rebuilding trust, being creative and adding value, ensuring that “we embrace not just the commercial idea of value, but the ethical ideal of values, too. Again, in a word, trust”.
   Albert Einstein spoke of giving “…in the same measure as I have received…”   Scholar and organisational consultant Warren Bennis sums it up well: “Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms.”

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