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Rama Gaind
By Rama Gaind
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Energy Work 101
   By Todd Cunningham (Balboa Press, $17.14, softcover, 82 pages)

Here’s some food for thought about nagging health concerns: their cause could be “emotional baggage”.
   Some people know what it’s like to have recurring health problems whether they are nerves causing skin rashes or persistent migraines appearing in traumatic situations.
Energy Work 101 by Todd Cunningham.
Energy Work 101 by Todd
   Todd Cunningham is an energy healing facilitator with a revolutionary idea: instead of reaching for a pain killer the next time you have an ache or feel discomfort—get a copy of Energy Work 101—to be precise.
   This self-help book is designed to facilitate you to be more self-aware, cognizant and attain a healthier state of being—both mentally and physically.
   Cunningham offers “a way, rather than the way, to become more conscious, more aware, more efficient, and therefore healthy and happy”.
   He has written it to help people learn to be “aware of and operate their personal energetic systems. I have not written this manual as proof or validation of the existence of human energetics”.
    “I know that people have the ability to heal and transform themselves … my system helps people gain confidence and become empowered so they can make a change for the better”.
   Energy healing is dependent on consciously maintaining your physical, mental, emotional, psychic and ethereal boundaries.
 Cunningham, who has studied and practiced energy healing since 1995, highlights testimony from people who have benefitted from his techniques and models of understanding.
   There are guidelines to 10 exercises as part of his grounding and personal awareness workshop.
   This is the right time to regain control of your well-being.

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