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Brave Heart: Lessons Learnt from Life
   By Brett & Hayley S. Kirk (Random House, $24.95, softcover, 239 pages)
There have been times throughout my life that have challenged who I am and I have not always held my head high and said: this is me. ~ Brett Kirk
Brett Kirk, former AFL star, has more than lived his ultimate dream.
   His new book, co-authored by his wife Hayley, does not just have footy stories, but is an autobiography about a boyhood in country Albury, of a young man and his unwise youthful antics and how his life was turned around after he found a ‘philosophy of life’ through Buddhism.
   His character has been strengthened and personal drive redefined.
Brave Heart: Lessons Learnt from Life by Brett & Hayley S. Kirk.
Brave Heart: Lessons Learnt from Life
by Brett & Hayley S. Kirk.
   Brave Heart is candid since the authors want to impart life’s lessons to benefit others … “we wanted to make a difference”.  
   “We want to assist you to help find the tools and strategies that keep your light shining brightly. We challenge you to challenge your own feelings and habits. We urge you to find what it is you are passionate about and to follow your heart.”
   Straightforward in its approach, the book is full of pictures, and many strategies— on self-discipline, courage, leadership, mind, body, spirit, communicating emotion, family, life in perspective—and ample advice.
   Kirk admits to not always being what he appears today: a confident, strong leader who can communicate well.
    “My evolution as a person, of which I am proud, has been the result of a culmination of life experiences, events, failures, connections, mistakes, lessons, love and heartbreak—it is an ongoing process.”
   As captain of the Sydney Swans, he was delighted with his team’s premiership victory in 2005 and retired in 2010.     
   Brett played 241 consecutive games and can be proud of the fact that he did not miss a match through injury, suspension or another reason.

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