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Sixth Sense: Everyday experiences and what they reveal
   By Sue Bishop (Allen & Unwin, $24.99, softcover, 230 pages)

An extraordinary sensory gift, your sixth sense, wins hands down over your other five senses, yet remains the most under-utilised.
   According to one of Australia’s top psychics Sue Bishop, there is no need to be fearful as sixth sense is a natural part of us all.
The Sensible Sleep Solution: A guide to sleep in your baby’s first year by Sarah Blunden and Angie Willcocks.
Sixth Sense: Everyday experiences and
what they reveal
by Sue Bishop.
   We all have a sixth sense, even though we don’t use it. Things happen in our life that we can’t always explain like having a premonition or seeing an apparition for the first time.
   Sue says such an experience is puzzling because what we’re experiencing doesn’t always fit in nicely with our understanding of life.
   She explains it simply: “The sixth sense is a part of us that helps us to see and know things that our normal sense cannot possibly pick up. Call it whatever you like a hunch, intuition, inner-tuition or psychic ability—the sixth sense is our extra sensory perception of the world”.
   Sue advises us to try to explore the “wonderful potential” held in such moments. The best way to open and work with your sixth sense is to relax, “go with the flow” and don’t judge yourself if you make mistakes.    
   “It’s a real pity that so many of us doubt, and even block, this wonderful gift. But we do.”   Anxiety sets in when we don’t understand things that are not clearly explained.
   However, Sue points out that it’s usually the experiences we can’t explain that hold the “key to a deeper appreciation of life”.

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