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By Rama Gaind
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How To Get Your Mojo Back
   By Dr Ginni Mansberg (New Holland, $29.95, softcover, 192 pages)

You may not know that your mojo is missing—until you read this book. However, you know you’re stressed and getting a work-family-life balance seems to be elusive.
   Since we’re all getting busier, how do you go about getting your mojo back?
   Physician, columnist and writer, Dr Ginni Mansberg displays a caring empathy for everyday people with everyday problems.
How To Get Your Mojo Back by Dr Ginni Mansberg.
How To Get Your Mojo Back by Dr
Ginni Mansberg.
   Her medical expertise is evident in this everywoman’s guide to health and happiness as she points out the need to turn your hectic and stressful life into a fulfilling one.
   Dr Mansberg has an easy-going and engaging way of putting facts on the line.
   Learn to manage your expectations and banish stress by breaking big problems down into little ones.
   Of course, exercise, coupled with sleep is an essential ingredient to maintaining—or reclaiming—your mojo.
   Pressures of life can be made a bit more bearable if you’re attentive, methodical, appreciative of your lot (not always possible though) and surround yourself with happy, optimistic people.
   Be motivated by her guidance: “Transforming your life from bogged-down in a rut to vibrant, contented and energetic wife, mother and human being is often two steps forward and one step back. But I’m not giving you iridology, prahnic healing or tarot cards. This is not snake oil, it’s not some time-and money-consuming blue sky dream. It is grounded in medicine, with studies and specialist opinions to back it up”.
   The book covers a lot of ground from stress, sleep, diet, exercise, relationships and parenting issues to offering hints, statistics, real-life stories and sets out a tidy system of different chapters for different issues.
   If you need a pick-me-up, then the simple advice here is “your ticket out of your rut and back into loving life again”!

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