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Macedon: Child of a God
   By Paul M. Hansen (Inspiring Publishers, $24.95, softcover, 268 pages)

Being inspired by history and ancient Greek mythology, this epic fiction transports the reader into an almost forgotten ‘dreamtime of the western world’.
   Canberra public servant Paul Hansen has used a keen eye for detail, intertwined it with creative flair and added credence with meticulous research by visiting the ancient sites of northern Greece—ancient Macedonia.
Macedon: Child of a God by Paul M. Hansen.
Macedon: Child of a God by Paul
M. Hansen.
   He visited many of the marvellous, yet largely forgotten, historical sites with particular impact in places like Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great and Vergina—the ancient capital of Macedonia. This is where you find tombs of the Macedonian kings including that of Alexander the Great’s father, Philip II.  
    Macedon: Child of a God details the interconnected nature of the legends and myths of ancient Greece instead of focusing on a singular fable or folklore.
   Two decades or so prior to the Trojan war, the book explores the foundations of the events and political conflicts between the many kings, heroes, city states and even the Gods themselves—rivalries and hostilities that led to the fall of Troy and the dark age of Greece.
   The ancient sites form the backdrop in which the central character is pursued by a mad goddess and his enemies.
   Hansen says that all this is done through the eyes of “one of the least known and almost forgotten heroes of Greek mythology—the demi-god Macedon”—ancestor of the Macedonians.
   With unwavering steadfastness, this is the first of four books Hansen is writing on the Macedon fable. The second—Macedon: Rage of a Dark Queen— entwining the story of the goddess Hera into the epic narrative, is to be published later this year.

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