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Milton Black Horoscopes 2013
   By Milton Black (New Holland, $29.95, softcover, 463 pages)

Be cynical, but curiosity gets the better of everyone when it comes to wondering what the future holds for us all.
   Australian astrologer and psychic Milton Black, recognised for his uncanny and truthful forecasts, advises that tight economic times are set to continue (we know that), but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Milton Black Horoscopes 2013 by Milton Black.
Milton Black Horoscopes 2013
by Milton Black.
   Some pertinent questions are whether you and your loved ones will be happy and healthy; how the two eclipses next year will affect the world’s economic situation; and whether Julia Gillard will still be Prime Minister as we head for federal elections and continuing tight fiscal times in 2013?
   We are already dollar-conscious, changing our attitudes to spending and being optimistic, but we turn to the ‘stars’ seeking hope, encouragement and guidance.
   The debt crisis, business collapses, unemployment and financial hardships are ahead, but there’s reassurance that it’s not all doom and bloom.
   2013 will see “improvements in our living standards due to the change of government policy and greater fiscal handling of the country’s resources”.
   Best advice from Black is to put your savings in a term deposit and wait for the market to recoup in 2014 and 2015. Home buyers and investors will profit by 2018.
   Milton Black Horoscopes 2013 could provide the answers or insight you seek—whether its business, career, money, love, relationships, health, nutrition or hair and beauty tips with moon cycles.
   Astrological opinions aside, everyone fervently wishes that the Year of the Snake will bring a long-awaited reprieve from the Year of the Dragon!  

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