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By Rama Gaind
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Leonard Maltinís 2013 Movie Guide
   Edited by Leonard Maltin (Plume, $24.99, softcover, 1640 pages)

It’s surprising that this reliable volume still continues to be published in the internet age.
   Over the years it has undergone numerous changes, but for die-hard fans, this is the film ‘bible’.    
Leonard Maltin’s 2013 Movie Guide edited by Leonard Maltin.
Leonard Maltinís 2013 Movie Guide
edited by Leonard Maltin.
   Comments by film historian and critic Leonard Maltin may not always align with your opinions, but you know that the information provided will be accurate and comprehensive.
   In this edition, space has been made by relocating pre-1956 movies to the companion Classic Movie Guide to include more than 300 new write-ups.
   While lists still contain as much vintage as possible, for the first time in 42 years a subtitle has been added to the front cover: The Modern Era.
   More than 16,000 capsule movie reviews are featured, together with over 13,000 DVD and video listings; an updated index of leading performers; more official motion picture code ratings; old and new theatrical and video releases with star ratings to BOMB; reviews of little-known sleepers, foreign films, rarities and camp; exact running times; and 50 notable debut features of the past 20 years
   It’s an onerous task to get the facts right, but it’s a challenge that’s met capably from release dates of films to correct names for directors. Maltin uses his editor’s prerogative with the billing order and gives higher placement to established stars over less prominent names.
   Details, details and more details—that’s the essence of a good reference book—and Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide is just that!

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