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Business Etiquette
   By Patsy Rowe (New Holland, $24.95, softcover, 360 pages)

You never get a second chance to make a positive first impression, so it’s imperative that you have knowledge of basic etiquette, gain an extra competitive edge and maintain successful business networks.
   According to business etiquette trainer and author of four books on modern decorum Patsy Rowe, we need to be self-assured and polished to get to the top of the professional or business world.
Business Etiquette by Patsy Rowe.
Business Etiquette by Patsy Rowe.
   There’s nothing to stop you achieving an advantage over your professional or business competitor if you follow her advice.
   Every day, especially in our business lives, we’re being judged in three ways: how we look, how we speak and above all, how we behave. A combination of good manners, charm and style is hard to beat.
   As well, knowledge is an essential part of being well mannered: of what to do, when to do it and most importantly, how to do it.
   “Manners are the oil that lubricates our daily lives so that we glide through life smoothly, and the basis of good manners is consideration for others, respect for their needs, feelings and culture.”
   This revised and updated third edition assists in helping you to discover how to deal with being dissatisfied or unhappy in your job with strategies to improve relationships with colleagues and management; shine whether ‘in person’ or in ‘Skype interviews’; say a few ‘witty words’ in public when you need to; be a respected manager; and, even, wine and dine with confidence in your role as either host or guest.
   Rowe, a corporate speaker and columnist, speaks with authority in a straightforward narrative with handy advice.
   Business Etiquette provides the tactics —you have to action them with aplomb!

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