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   Director: Clint Eastwood, Imagine Entertainment, Rated MA, 140 Minutes

Angelina Jolie delivers an academy award winning performance in this heart-rending portrayal of Christine Collins, a single mother living in 1928 Los Angeles.
   Christine returns home one day to discover her nine-year-old son, Walter, is missing.
   After calling the Los Angeles Police Department and enduring an anxious 24 hours, they find him - but the boy they return is not her son!
   Clint Eastwood’s masterly directed film makes the point that this is a disturbingly true story – adapted to the screen by award winning writer Michael Straczynski. 
   Eastwood is supported by an award winning production team, which includes Ron Howard (director of Apollo 13) and cinematographer, Tom Stern.
   Together, they have superbly recreated the stark city of the Los Angeles of the early 1920’s –even using authentic period costumes, trams and vintage vehicles to add further realism to the storyline.
   The casting of Angeline Jolie as the heart-broken mother searching for her son and the truth amid a corrupt police force is spot on, and it is apparent this film could not have been made without her commanding performance.
   It is indeed a testament to Jolie’s dedication and professionalism that enable her to carry out such a difficult and sensitive role – a role that is so surreal and captured so perfectly in the film.
   Other great performances include John Malkovich as the crusading pastor Rev Gustav Briegleb, who is strongly against the corruption rampant within the LAPD and takes up Christine Collins’ cause, and Jeffrey Donovan, the corrupt police officer, Captain Jones.
   In bringing this powerful true story to the screen, Eastwood was not only able to expose the corruption that was widespread within the LAPD, but also show the reality of human injustice being perpetrated against women during this time.
   Jolie embodies Christine Collins’ strength and it is her courage and determination that ultimately provides such an uplifting feeling in this thrilling human drama.This heartfelt struggle for the truth by a loving mother for her son makes this an unforgettable film.

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